A meeting point between immersive art,
relational art, and post-production art

Selfie Museum was born from an intuition of the photographer and art director Adrien Berlin, who in 2014 organized events and private parties in his studios in Los Angeles with scenography mostly recovered from film sets.

The network of international artists, set designers, and directors collaborating on the initiative is increasingly expanding, touching every corner of the world with fashion, cinema, music, and design events in pop-up selfie museum style.

Thus, in October 2021, the first Italian Selfie Museum was born in Florence, with the collaboration of friend and artist Stefano Fake & The Fake Factory.

Happiness is real only when shared

Adrien Berlin explains the birth of Selfie Museum: “People always have a camera in hand, the smartphone, and can share the photos they take in real time. So, we thought this was a great opportunity to try to establish a relationship between the artist and the visitor, creating scenography in which people could literally enter the scene and create images of themselves within the works. And the first, experimental, immersive installations were born. The Selfie Museum in Florence is also the result of this process, with over 50 installations made by more than 400 artists, which develop in a labyrinth of 1000 square meters in the spaces of Via Ricasoli 44, managed by Florence Art Lab”.

The philosophy of

Already in the eighties, works of art are created based on pre-existing works or on cultural products, it is the art of post-production. Thus, the artists break the traditional distinction between art and consumption, between creation and copy, confusing the concept of originality. Society becomes a real repertoire of forms; contemporary art becomes the starting point for a process in becoming that involves the artist as much as the visitor. Up to the current culture of use and activity, to the art that reinterprets art by inserting itself into the flows of creative production. Artists teach us to use and inhabit all the forms of the present, from a perspective of culture no longer passive, but active, to live and reinterpret.

Express yourself, express yourselfie

Selfie Selfie means expressing oneself through an image shared on social media. Not a mere self-portrait, but a moment of personal expression socially shared. Selfie Museum is more than an exhibition space, it is a creative laboratory, a narrative place that offers the opportunity to relate to the works and artists through the photographic shots that visitors create and spread on social media. It’s not about images to post, but emotions to share. Selfie Museum is the natural development of art in the direction of greater involvement of the visitor in the museum experience.

Art is a game, let’s play together!

SelfieMuseum.Art is above all a space that encourages the visitor to know and recognize the new forms of contemporary art. The visitor interacts with the scenographic works trying to understand their meanings and to use them as a space for creating personal, emotional, and social content.

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