Children’s parties

Children's parties?
Selfie Museum!

A safe and colorful place to explore through games, interactive activities, and guided tours, stimulating children’s creativity, curiosity, and passion for learning.

Children's birthday parties in Florence?

Discover a world of magic and fun for your little artists’ birthdays in the heart of the city. Selfie Museum is the perfect place to organize unique and engaging children’s birthday parties, where the little ones can express their creativity and have a world of fun.

Why choose Selfie Museum for children's parties?

Selfie Museum offers a magical atmosphere that stimulates children’s imagination and generates precious memories because it is a real enchanted world made of colorful and imaginative immersive installations, a space to explore to interactively experience the museum.

The fun of our little guests is guaranteed thanks to engaging and interactive activities, and our staff is available to make your children’s birthday a unique and memorable event, within a safe space.

Book the rooms of Selfie Museum in Florence for your children’s birthday party, precious memories last forever.

Plan your party at the Selfie Museum

Art is a game, let’s play together!

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