Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot in Florence?
Selfie Museum!

A new set for your photo shoot in Florence, many original scenarios to capture new images and create an unforgettable visual experience, adapting spaces to your artistic needs.

Where to do a photo shoot in Florence?

The Selfie Museum is the ideal setting to host a photo shoot service, whether it’s a model session, a photo book, or a creative production. Artistic installations and extraordinary scenography offer more than 50 inspiring backgrounds for true artist shots.

Why choose Selfie Museum for a photo service in Florence?

Interactive artworks and immersive scenography create unique and amazing settings. You can capture the energy and contemporary aesthetics of the Museum to obtain original images, suitable for different themes and styles.

It is possible to customize the spaces of the set and the setup of the rooms based on the needs of the photo session. Our team is available to offer support and assistance, ensuring the success of the project.

To book the spaces of the Selfie Museum, send an email to:

Plan your shooting at the Selfie Museum

Art is a game, let’s play together!

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