Selfie Museum Florence

Art is a game, let’s play together!


A new way of living art

More than 1000 square meters are dedicated to the creative reinterpretation of art, culture of every era and style, with immersive installations and scenarios created by over 400 artists from around the world.

A new space where visitors are free to express their creativity with photos, images, and video clips to share and spread on social media.

A new way to experience works of art and the artist-visitor relationship, through the participation of an active audience that creates images of itself within the scene.

The Selfie Museum is a creative laboratory for expressing oneself with a phone or a camera immortalizing emotions and sharing them on social media.

What you can do at the Selfie Museum

Want to have a high-resolution memory to print or share with your friends? Get inspired by our gallery

Organize your private event at the Museum and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Experience the Selfie Museum even at night, with themed evenings and exclusive invitation-only events.

Art is a game, let’s play together!

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